Post Lockdown and Still Juggling

The COVID lockdowns played havoc with jugglers everywhere, but now, post lockdown, it’s great to see jugglers still juggling and Sydney entertainment incorporating juggling into all its events.

Conventions are back too! This weekend jugglers are having an outrageously great time at the Adelaide Juggling Convention. Check them out on Instagram.

I suspect the Melbourne Juggling Convention will be back too-

In international news, the European Juggling Convention is back better than ever. Tres Cantos in Spain will be forever changed by 3000 jugglers- Get your tickets now.

I had the good fortune to spend some time in New York City in January and I met the wonderful jugglers of Bryant Park Juggling- If you’re ever in NYC go and visit them.

Bryant Park Juggling NYC

If you are looking for jugglers for your birthday party, corporate event, entertainment in Sydney or any other reason, check out our associates.

And- Happy Juggling.


Juggling in Sydney (and Europe)

Jugglers are everywhere, in Sydney,in the United States,in Europe, and there is even a troupe in Afghanistan. So when a Sydney juggler travels how do they find their international peers? Well, the best way is to visit a juggling shop like Passé Passé in Paris or Oddballs in London or Juggleart in Melbourne.

Of course anybody can hire their very own juggler to provide entertainment for a kids party or corporate event . Just look at our Sydney jugglers page

A Sydney juggler was featured in the Sydney Morning Herald this weekend. It’s a great article about our favourite art and one of our favourite people and worth a read.

In further exciting news The International Jugglers Association is coming to Melbourne in September .

If you’d like to learn how to juggle so you can impress the IJA you can join our weekly meet ups 

Life is great when you can juggle away your worries

Peace, love and happiness

And remember 

to keep on juggling.