Buy juggling balls, rings, clubs…..

There are many places to buy juggling props, both in Australia and overseas, here are some of our favourites.

In Australia.

The Circus Shop

The Circus Shop in WA is happy to help Jugglers and other Circus performers meet all their prop desires. They give bulk discounts too and their staff is super helpful…..This is what they have to say…

We supply all the good gear to schools, businesses, groups and individuals.

We specialise in ‘Circus-In-Education’ equipment, offering products and workshop kits perfect for schools and groups.

 We are always happy to order in specific things, colours, sizes etc if we are able to, and if the price works for the customer.

Contact us with your specific needs .Bulk discounts apply. We know our stuff and love to help

Balls for your mind

These guys love juggling as much as we do. This Australian owned shop  provides props for all occasions.

Sometimes  overseas shops have great deals on hard to find items. Here are some of our friends from Europe.


The friendly people at Oddballs juggling are very kind to Aussies. Their prices are good and their service is great.

Just Juggling

Alan ,at Just Juggling  in Berlin, provided some Sydney Jugglers with some brand new Henry’s Delphin clubs after a recent visit. He also provided great prices, yo-yos  and hoop covers. This shop has everything the beginner or expert could ever want check out their site.