Sydney Juggling

Juggling is magic ….

Juggling balls, juggling rings, juggling clubs, all this and more has been done by Sydney Jugglers over the last month. We’ve been juggling at football finals, schools, festivals and Vivid. If you’d like to hire one of these skilful people, just contact them and they’ll entertain your children, your employees and your friends.

It’s time to say goodbye to our friends at Juggleart. They’ve been part of the juggling community for many years and it’s sad to see them go. Farewell Juggleart, and best of juggling luck for the future.

If you want to buy juggling balls in Sydney, it’s quite difficult because there are no juggling shops in Sydney. Buying juggling balls from overseas can attract attention from customs, so for juggling balls it’s best to buy from people like balls for your mind

Customs is not very interested in other props, so buying high quality clubs or hats or rings from overseas is no problem. It’s quite easy to buy from places like Oddballs in London, and their prices are not too high. A good quality juggling club should cost about 30-40 dollars (Australian) per club.  Our personal favourites are Henry’s Delphins, they’re light and good for numbers juggling.

In other news, it’s almost time for GeniiCon which is going to be the largest ever magic convention in Australia. It will be great. Go along and have a look and learn from the best magicians in the country.

In local juggling news, Marrickville Fire Jam is holding events every Thursday afternoon in Enmore, whilst the local universities and juggling clubs are still holding their weekly get togethers. Check them out.

Even if you don’t have special juggling balls, you can still throw some tennis balls in the air and try to catch them. Juggling is a skill you can try anywhere, it will amuse you, entertain your friends and in desperate times you can even busk for lunch….or rent…which is probably more appropriate for Sydney…

And remember

Juggling is Magic….




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